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Welcome to Bloom Baby Classes Maidenhead and Windsor. Multi-award winning baby development, music and sensory classes for babies age new-born - wobbly walking. Classes run across venues in Maidenhead and Windsor including Clewer Parish Hall, Woodlands Park Village Centre and King George V1 Day Centre. 

0-6months - Our Caterpillar club class is a gentle baby development class with a focus on encouraging bonding with your little one. Our 🐛Caterpillar Class awakens baby’s first senses and stimulates in a fun, yet soothing way, using bubbles, parachutes, lights, puppets, songs, pompoms, tummy time and baby yoga development moves, ending the class with a relaxing massage for baby to help them drift into a long nap 

6 months - wobbly walking - Busy Bees 🐝 is a fun, interactive and lively musical baby development class, focusing on growing your baby’s confidence within the world. Encouraging both fine and gross motor skills ✋, teaching body awareness and stimulating your baby’s perception of sounds with our fun range of songs and activities. We use beautiful props such as our Rainbow 🌈 and chilled parachutes to promote a calm and sensory filled environment for our babies.👶 As well as shaking maracas and pom poms, and clicking along with clicking sticks to promote rhythm, hand – eye coordination and independent. 

Each week features a new theme and you’ll never repeat a theme twice in a year! During theme time there will be the opportunity for free play whilst the babies explore the range props and treasure basket items. Your baby will also be provided with some dressing up to take some photos, capturing special moments. All of this whilst your baby develops social skills with fellow Bloom buddies🫶

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